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Medela Freestyle Double Electric Pump
Sale priceFrom $200 Regular price$400
Medela Freestyle Double Electric PumpMedela
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Save $351
Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump (Pump Only See Notes)
Save $10.01
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump
Sale price$9.99 Regular price$20
Haakaa Silicone Breast PumpHaakaa
Save $226
Medela Freestyle Deluxe Set
Sale price$149 Regular price$375
Medela Freestyle Deluxe SetMedela
Save $161
Medela Pump In Style with Maxflow
Sale price$214 Regular price$375
Medela Pump In Style with MaxflowMedela
Save $315
Medela Freestyle Original
Sale price$180 Regular price$495
Medela Freestyle OriginalMedela
Save $4
Medela PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields (24mm)
Save $5.01
Medela Contact Nipple Shields & Case
Sale price$9.99 Regular price$15
Medela Contact Nipple Shields & CaseMedela
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Save $35
Medela Harmony Pump
Sale price$34 Regular price$69
Medela Harmony PumpMedela
Save $38
Ergobaby Nursing Pillow - Burgundy
Sale price$34 Regular price$72
Ergobaby Nursing Pillow - BurgundyErgobaby
Save $10
IKEA LEN Nursing Pillow
Sale price$15 Regular price$25
IKEA LEN Nursing PillowIKEA
Save $90
Nook Niche Nursing Pillow - Blush
Sale price$69 Regular price$159
Nook Niche Nursing Pillow - BlushNook
Save $120
Medela Pump in Style Breastpump Backpack
Sale price$180 Regular price$300
Medela Pump in Style Breastpump BackpackMedela
Save $9
Medela PersonalFit Breast Shields
Sale price$10 Regular price$19
Medela PersonalFit Breast ShieldsMedela
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Save $110
Nook Niche Nursing Pillow
Sale priceFrom $49 Regular price$159
Nook Niche Nursing PillowNook
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Save $30
Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump (Motor & Adapter Only)
Save $105
Medela Swing Breastpump
Sale price$65 Regular price$170
Medela Swing BreastpumpMedela

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