Mindware Dizios - A new Twist on Dominoes

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The 2010 Mensa Favorite Brainy Games winner and the Parent’s Choice silver award winner, Dizios is a phenomenal game for the whole family. Featuring a dizzying amount of in game decisions, Dizios is great for honing players’ spacial recognition, pattern recognition, strategical planning, and forward thinking. The rules of the game are simple: Each player places down one tile in their turn and tries to create a flowing pattern. Players earns points based on the number of dots represented on each tile. The more complex and challenging the tile is to place, the more points the player scores! Plus, Dizios can be played as a group or individually. Win with pizazz! Includes: 1 starter tile, 70 playing tiles, 4 tile stands, and 1 rulebook. 2 or more players. Product dimensions: 10 in x 10 in 1 in. Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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