Grimm's Small Pastel Rainbow

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Kids and adults of all ages are instantly drawn to this unique, inviting Pastel Rainbow.

This 6 piece small pastel rainbow is an incredibly versatile toy. It can be used as a stacking toy with endless stacking variations, or use it to build a tunnel for your toys, little house for your dolls or just about anything your child’s imagination can think of.

And when you are finished playing with it, put it on the shelf and enjoy it’s colorfulness and beauty.

Product details:
Age: 0 months +.
Size: 10,5cm in height, 17cm in length.
Material: Lime wood, non-toxic water based color paint. All colors are water based and in accordance with EN 71, are harmless to your health and suitable for children toys.
Care: If you clean this product only use a damp cloth. Please do not submerge in water and do not use disinfectant or hot water.

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