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Roominate rPower
Sale price$9.99 Regular price$30
Roominate rPowerRoominate
Save $20
Roominate Amusement Park
Sale price$20 Regular price$40
Roominate Amusement ParkRoominate
Save $24
Smart Lab Glow in the Dark Lab
Sale price$16 Regular price$40
Smart Lab Glow in the Dark LabSmart Lab
Save $30
Mindware Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Lights Starter Lights Set
Save $10
Mindware Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Starter Box Warm Colours
Save $13
Smart Lab Shimmering Lip Balms Kit
Sale price$12 Regular price$25
Smart Lab Shimmering Lip Balms KitSmart Lab
Save $10
Smart Lab You-Track-It Weather Lab
Sale price$12 Regular price$22
Smart Lab You-Track-It Weather LabSmart Lab
Save $20
Smart Lab All Natural Lip Baum Boutique
Sale price$13 Regular price$33
Smart Lab All Natural Lip Baum BoutiqueSmart Lab
Save $21
Smart Lab It's Alive! Slime Lab 20 Experiments
Save $21
Smart Lab Extreme Secret Formula Lab 15 Pieces
Save $16
Mindware Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Stunts Speed Sprocket
Save $13
Mindware Keva Brain Builders Junior
Sale price$10 Regular price$23
Mindware Keva Brain Builders JuniorMindware
Save $10
Fat Brain Toy Co. Jixelz Up in the Air 1500pcs
Save $25
Monkey Business Sports Space Chips Builder Pack
Fat Brain Jixelz Under the Sea 1500pc
Save $22
LeapFrog TAG Reading System, compatible with the older style

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