D-Toys Neuschwanstein Germany Puzzle 1000 pcs Puzzle

Condition: Damaged Box
Sale price$10


Take a trip to Bavaria and visit the Neuschwanstein Castle! This birds eye view showcases the picturesque wonderland as captured in a photo. D-Toys is a small puzzle and toy manufacturing company based in St. George, Romania. These are imported, specialty puzzles, created with high quality recycled materials and linen finish on box and pieces to reduce glare. Shaped pieces on some puzzles add an extra challenge for the true puzzler and avid learner as well. D-Toys was founded in Romania in 2001. In 2013, Outset Media brought the company’s puzzles, which are made of high quality, recycled material, over to North America. D-Toys puzzle pieces are designed to have lower glare and provide a clear image for the user, and the boxes themselves have a clean linen finish. 26.75” x 18.5” Finished size

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