Fisher Price Settle & Sleep Projection Soother

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Delight your baby's senses and help them settle in for sweet dreams with the Fisher-Price Settle and Sleep Projection Soother. Featuring 25 minutes of soothing music and nature sounds, enchanting overhead light projection, and an extra-large window with colorful lights and moving animal pals, this soother is the perfect addition to your baby's bedtime routine. Plus, the specially designed Ready, Set, Sleep feature is inspired and approved by sleep and child development experts to help your baby fall asleep faster...and for longer! Where development comes into play Sensory: The soother's overhead starlight projection, moving animal pals, and calming music and sounds engage your baby's developing visual and auditory senses while promoting relaxation. Healthy Habits: This engaging soother can become part of your baby's bedtime routine, helping them develop healthy sleep habits. Security and Happiness: The soother's characters, color-changing lights, and soothing music help comfort your baby, giving them a sense of security.

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