Mindware Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Starter Box Warm Colours

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Check out this modern marble run in action- "Visibly Hot" is the best descriptor for Q-BA-MAZE. Drop a few marbles this marble maze toy, and you'll be fixated on the motion. Cascading marbles will keep you recreating your structures again and again just because it is so much fun! Creative play and critical thinking comes naturally with these eye-catching transparent orange and yellow cubes. Interlocking cubes come together for fabulous marble run variations. Being able to view racing marbles in their run from start to finish, brings the fun to a higher level and gives you an inside peek at where you need to adjust your marble run design next to make marbles spin and roll at the speed and in the direction you desire. No matter what your age, you'll love the high profile design and the challenge inherent in this new construction toy. Great for open-ended creative play.

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