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While it’s impossible to include everything, we jammed all the Sussex we could into this box. It’s full of outdoor adventures, family attractions, rich traditions and of course…beautiful murals- a little something for everyone! Looking for a fun way to experience the Dairy Center of the Maritimes? Buy your favourite Sussex properties, increase your rent by collecting City Blocks and trading them in for Keys to the City. Sound easy? Well, add in some traffic jams, property tax and parking fines and it gets a little more difficult and a lot more fun! So choose your token and advance to GO Sussex! You may soon be the Mayor…or out of the game for eating too many Knock Out Nachos from Knocks Café. Contents: High five, Big Smile, Heart, The Dog, Pretzel and Gym Shoe, Money, Two Dice, 12 Keys to the City, 28 Hotels, 28 Property Cards, 28 Action Cards.

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