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See and hear baby from anywhere in the home. The Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor enables caregivers to maintain a secure connection with baby at all times. As well as perfect sound quality, one can now also see baby, day or night, with a high resolution 3.5” color screen, and an automatic infra-red night vision. There is also the option to soothe baby by remotely selecting lullabies and by using the soft baby nightlight.


  • Private, secure connection with adaptive FHSS technology: Unique handset pairing for a private, secure connection to your baby. Combined with the new Adaptive FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology for minimal interference.
  • High resolution 3.5" screen with crystal clear night vision: See your baby, day and night, with crystal clear infra-red night vision that automatically switches on in the dark. Enjoy your baby sleeping with the high resolution, extra large 3.5" color screen. With 2x digital zoom and pan for extra reassurance so you can see everything your baby is up to.
  • Range up to 300 meters* Indoor range up to 50 meters*, Outdoor range up to 300 meters*.
  • Vibration mode for subtle notifications: Personalize your alert settings and get notified by a silent and subtle vibration of the parent unit.
  • Talk to your baby remotely: Sometimes all your baby needs is the soothing sound of your voice. With one click of this essential feature you can connect with your baby from anywhere around the home.
  • Monitor the temperature in your baby's room: The temperature sensor with customized alert allows you to monitor the climate in your baby's room. Your baby can't regulate its body temperature as well as you can and a slight change in temperature can make your baby restless. A customized temperature sensor will immediately alert you, through the digital display on the parent unit, if the climate in your baby's room changes.
  • Hear your baby with clear sound: Hear every tiny giggle, gurgle, and hic-up with perfect clarity. Not only see but also hear your baby anytime with high quality, crystal clear sound.
  • Energy saving eco mode with connection indication: Switch on the ECO mode to reduce power consumption during quiet times in the baby room while still knowing you are connected to your baby via the unique link indication. The ECO mode switches off the audio/video transmissions and the units only connect when the baby makes a sound.
  • Excellent operating time for overnight monitoring: The convenient rechargeable parent unit will give you the freedom of cordless monitoring for up to 10 hours before re-charging is required.
  • Comforting night light and lullabies to calm your little one: There's nothing like a gentle lullaby and a warm tranquil glow of a night light to calm a restless baby. From any room in the house you can select one of 5 relaxing tunes and switch on the night light, helping your baby to drift effortlessly to sleep in no time.
  • Choose the best sound level for your surroundings: It allows you to set the microphone sensitivity of the baby unit. The microphone sensitivity determines what noise level the baby unit picks up, e.g. you will want to hear when your baby cries, but you may be less interested in its babbling.
  • Know you are connected with LED alerts: Always know when your monitor is in range and connected. The parent unit will alert you when your monitor is out of range or when the power is low, helping you make sure that you are always connected to your baby.

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