Plan Toys Ramp Racer

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Get your make-believe motors running! With this Plan Toys set, kids can let the mini cars go, then watch them race down the ramp. It comes with a multi-level ramp and three cool wooden cars (red, blue and yellow). The ramp even has a red/green sign kids to spin while signalling the start of the races, plus a black and white checkered flag at the finish. Beautifully designed from natural rubberwood, this timeless toy also helps kids develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination through play (but they'll just think of it as having a blast).

Plan Toys Ramp Racer
  • Great for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills children and concentration
  • Kids can learn cause and effect while developing their visual learning skills through play
  • Winner of the Red Dot design award.
  • 100% rubberwood
  • Made in Thailand

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