Pobi Baby Multi-use cover - Magical

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RELAXING EXPERIENCE - Create a peaceful, calm, soothing environment for your baby to play, feed, and sleep in comfort and style.

PRIVATE and SAFE - Protect your baby from summer sunlight, wind, bugs, germs, and creepy guys.

SPACIOUS and STRETCHY - Wider and longer than other multi use covers, Pobibaby’s soft and thin blend of Rayon and Spandex maximizes space and breathability for your baby.

FASHIONABLE and VERSATILE - As a mom, it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself, but you can still look hot and trendy with Pobibaby’s multi-use nursing cover and scarf: it’s with you wherever you go!

PERFECT GIFT for MOMS - Instead of the same old gift set, be the hit of the baby shower and congratulate the new mom with this unique and elegant multi-use cover.

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