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smarTrike's T3 2 stage scooter enables your little one to experience the freedom and independence only a scooter can provide. Outfitted with a TPR rubber foot board and hand grips, with PU wheels for a smooth ride, our Swiss designed scooter offers a smooth and secure riding experience for your child. Suitable for children 2 years and up, the T3 possesses 2 adaptable stages that help to improve your child's motor skills in a fun, innovative way. With a trendy bag to fill with accessories and LED lit front PU wheels, your little one is bound to have a great time! Stage 1: Practicing and gaining confidence. T-lock function is enabled, preventing the handlebars from tilting allowing your child to feel secure while they learn how to ride, allowing them to gain the confidence they need to become a scooter master! Stage 2: Freestyle Riding Turn the T-lock to engage the tilting mechanism allowing your child to ride freestyle, and show off their new skills!

  • TPR rubber surface foot-deck for extra grip
  • EVA adjustable foam seat for beginners
  • Unique elastomer mechanism design for tilting
  • Trendy bag to fill with accessories
  • LED lit front PU wheel
  • 20kg/44lb Max
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