Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini

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From a wider version of the classic overhead Gymini to tummy time and more, the soft and colorful adjustable arches of the Dynamic Gymini provide you and your baby with more play modes in one product. Using the arches in the open position creates the ultimate space for easy parental access and bonding time. In all modes, the recording bird toy features enchanting lights and baby-activated music. This adorable voice recorder will deliver your own parent-recorded message to help develop your baby's cognition and enhance parent-baby bonding. The house mirror is great for tummy time and also doubles as a picture frame for one of baby's favorite faces. The toys are all designed to help your baby's development. From fine and large motor skills to emotional development, the Dynamic Gymini covers them all. The soft pad can easily be used as a changing pad and is machine washable for an easy clean.

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