Vtech Tut Tut Bolides Charlie, joli taxi - French edition

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Fasten your seatbelt and go on a magical hike with this pretty taxi from the Tut Tut Bolides from VTech! Perfectly suited for toddler hands, this valiant little cab will entertain your child with the help of the illuminated driver's button, which will trigger playful music and captivating sounds. As baby pretends to pick up passengers and drive them to their destinations, he will learn the letter “T” and the name of the vehicle. In addition, this electronic taxi responds with phrases and sound effects by passing Magic Zones points on all Tut Tut Bolides playsets.

  • The electronic vehicle interacts with the Tut Tut Bolides playsets.
  • The illuminated driver's button triggers captivating phrases, upbeat music and funny sounds.
  • Perfectly suited for children's hands.
  • The playful sounds, the six melodies and the three sing-along songs encourage the participation of children, who remain engaged in play and learning.
  • Simply drive or drop the vehicle onto the Magic Zones points of the Tut Tut Bolides or Tut Tut Animo playsets (each set is sold separately) to activate fun sounds, short melodies and songs to sing along to. .
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