Yoga Pretzels 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids & Grownups

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Yoga brings ancient wisdom to the modern world in a way that no other discipline can. And this book conveys that wisdom to kids and grownups alike in a way that combines lighthearted humour with high purpose. --DEEPAK CHOPRA (My Daddy is a Pretzel)^The poses on these jumbo cards were very easy to follow, thanks to clear descriptions and up to five drawings to demonstrate each move, the testers said. Aviva Rose, who had never tried yoga before, said this 'colorful' deck was her favorite because the directions had pictures to make them crystal clear. --The New York Times^Yoga Pretzels is a fantastic way of spending quality time with my kids. Together, we exercise our bodies and minds leaving us feeling energized and refreshed! I'd highly recommend it to anyone with children. --Catherine Zeta-Jones

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